Description: Soulful Keys and a vocal sample create a reflective and somber mood over hard drums

Description: Hard drums blanketed by an infectious synth line and a bridge.

Description: Strings, pads and 808's all blended into an upbeat and bright moving track.

Description: A hypnotic aggressive trap beat with hard drums. Perfect for credit music or for transitions

Description: A vocal chop laid over catchy keys and hard drums

Description: A hypnotic synth laid over a thumping drum pattern

Description: An instrumental with a guitar arpeggio and haunting pad that creates an ominous track

Description: A hip-hop instrumental with trap influences and an infectious vocal chop

Description: A hip-hop beat with trap influences. Very orchestral with strings, choirs synths and a bridge over hard drums

Description: Aggressive trap style drums covered with arps, strings and choir chords.