Description: This is my new dance, aggressive uplifting raggae club logo music track with old techno notes and strong synth solo..This track can be used anywhere - as a music, background for websites, in games and movies, business projects, corporate videos, flash presentations, slideshows, presentations, tv or radio, telecasts, podcast etc

Description: Organic background melody with edgy Hip-Hop beats, bass guitar and strings. Music to underscore projects dealing with unsolved mysteries, crime investigation, investigative reports, sex and more adult themes. Back alley deals.

Description: Trap music influenced urban Hip-Hop loop. Add a cool edge to your project with 808 bass, claps and some bounce. Nice for transitions or advertisement spots. Teen programming. (this is a seamless loop)

Description: Reverberating and stretching synth with animated melodies and a hard bassy drum rhythm. Lots of swagger. Seamless loop for your commercial or radio advertisement, app, indie film project, DVD menu music and more.

Description: Latin, World, Frantic, Car Chase, Caffiene, Tension, Adventure, Quirky, Flange Guitar

Description: Gentle piano melody with punchy Hip-Hop drums. Lead synth during chorus. (this is a seamless loop)

Description: Static hip hop grooves with glitchy vocal embellishments, choral chants, and high end synths.

Description: Laidback with ethnic percussion, elements of R&B, and an urban groove creating an optimistic and relaxing mood.

Description: Relaxed and lightly percussive with latin elements, acoustic guitar, electric piano and an urban groove creating a confident mood.

Description: Laidback and lightly percussive with R&B elements and an urban groove creating a confident and relaxing mood.