Description: chill beat with big string hits

Description: Somber hip-hop instrumental bed conveys moments of uncertainty, worrying, dull, unsure, doubt, blues, depression, or loneliness. Useful for documentaries on substance abuse, job loss, dilemma, prison life. Also urban demographic commercials, anime, adult swim program listing, logo, voice over & more. (stinger edit available)

Description: Dark Hip Hop Beat with an Orchestral Flavour

Description: crunk club beat with bass stabs

Description: Full length Hip-Hop instrumental music with lots of swagger. Arpeggiated synth patterns, bending chords, dynamic and crunk beats. Music to add some style and excitement to projects such as runway models, sports cars, celebrity interviews, red carpet, parties and more.

Description: Block rockin' urban Hip-Hop track with hard hitting beats, chaotic sounding synth chords, panning triangle and screaming pitch bending chord. Excellent Hip-Hop music to underscore excitement, wild times and partying. Music for someone that is insane, crazy or going berserk. Also think energizing music for reality television programming for youth audiences or building custom cars. Basketball and extreme sports highlights/commercials.

Description: Urban beats and repetitive synth melody to underscore curiosity, secrets, seduction, investigation news and more. Nice 808 bass, claps, and percussion with trap style Hip-Hop feel.

Description: urban West coast groove with string lead

Description: deep, serious piano with reverb and strings

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