Description: Sports, Olympic, Hard Hitting, News, Confident, Active, Big, Brassy, Olympic, Driving, Electronic, Explosive, Fantastic, Feel Good, Fun, Uplifting, Vibrant, Hi Energy, Strong, Prestigious, Percussive, in a Confident, Powerful mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Restyling of the best-selling track from my portfolio. Even more drive, more dynamic, more contrast. A colorful, powerful and motivating music that would look equally good in your Video Hive project, in your advertising, in your presentation, and on radio and television, on the dance floor at a nightclub and even in your personal music player. Long track again, and again it can be cut and loop to any length.

Description: Sounds like sports highlights, cars racing, stunts, flying and fast action.

Description: uptempo urgent driving breaking news

Description: Heavy metal rock metal rock heavy rock blues rock distortion punk metal punk blues rock and roll new wave.

Description: sports jingles 1'00 0'30 0'15 ( with 2 differents versions of 0'30 in the 1'00) with a 120 BPM many possible edits for stings an easy use cut and paste perfect for sport news based on an exciting mix of drums and FX

Description: Bouncy and happy featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of Ragtime Jazz.