Description: Struggle, event, challenge upbeat, orchestral

Description: Challenge, anthem, building, steady, orchestral

Description: Reassuring hardcore dance track that opens up and creates a solid background for presentations and news reels. Mainly a dance track with corporate orientation. Delivers a feeling of innovation, suitable for slide shows, advertisement or indie projects.

Description: Modern sounding and crazy cool dance track, fun, uptempo, youthful, lots of energy. Great for nightclubbing and party scenes, all night partying at outdoor raves and electronic music venues, video games, extreme sports. Electro, House, Dance, Electro Riot

Description: This is my new, really motivational, aggressive powerful hard rock dance music track with many bright instruments and extreme sport show mood – electric bright distortion driving guitars, live bass, exciting club dancing rythmical drums, etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, in flash action games and corporate video, football soccer games, sport radio or tv news etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: Six String Sojourn Acoustic journey is an 30 second "Acoustic oriented soundtrack bed" condensed version of the original, and much more adaptable to film and TV as an exciting journey of progressive rock combining with elements of classical and jazz, featuring an acoustic guitar riff is introduced and followed by variations, leading to an exciting electric guitar climax....It is dramatic and tight, sophisticated, climactic, inspiring, and magical. It also utilizes a mixture of funky and R+B rhythms, amplified electronic effects, time signature variations and more!

Description: Soft electronic beat with comping guitar. Smooth and cool, creating an esoteric atmosphere.

Description: This is energetic, inspiring and catchy alternative rock/grunge/indie track. It starts with catchy guitar riff and continues with active, high-powered, dynamic drum beat and bass sound. Track has few different parts. This music will be perfect for different needs, as a soundtrack for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films. Background music for presentations, ads, commercials. Used instruments: Clean guitar, drums, bass, pads, piano.

Description: The main event! Intro music that has a sports or show introduction feel. Brass driven with orchestra, strings, drum rolls and snare rolls to keep the epic energy building.

Description: It is a sequence of melodic dance music style performed with piano sounds. It is designed to serve as background music news spaces.