Description: Rock guitars, melodic with a good driving beat, playful and cheeky. Upbeat and lively, will suit diverse media use, corporate DVDs, Sports shows, great action music bed or TV shows

Description: Upbeat fast progressive guitars, great riffs, this is a great track for any promos if you want to grab the attention of your audience! Positive vibes, success, winning team, will work with high adreneline visuals and suit young urban demographic.

Description: Prog rock guitars, great driving beats, perfect for sports promos, corporate DVDs, music cues and commercial/advertising. The vibe is uplifting and exciting, will suit urban demographic, skateboarding, free running great underscore for high adreneline, activity shots...

Description: Thunder (sports type of theme sound)

Description: All my people ( instrumental vibe )

Description: Groovy, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Energetic, powerful Rock track with edgy electric guitars, solid drum beat and catchy synths in the chorus section. Uplifting, happy feel with a sense of achievement through determination.

Description: Cinematic Dramatic Trailer – orchestral dramatic music. Epic inspirational track for piano, choir and orchestra. Perfect for adventure, action thriller, video game developers. Epic music, exciting intro, or battle scenes. Great for sports or action competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster.

Description: Epic Inspiration Logo - cinematic dramatic orchestral music. Inspirational epic logo for opening. This track is perfect for a cinematic logo, presentation, opener or intro. Great for sports or action productions – competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster. Also for game developers and home video.

Description: High energy hip hop/ trap/ electronic beat. Perfect for a sports action highlight reel.