Description: The soft light intro is calm dreamy & textural. The lively grand piano is reflective elegant & thoughtful. The gentle bass is empowering & confident. The sincere acoustic guitar is mellow vibrant & friendly. The glassy bells are dynamic fresh & innocent. The breezy zither is carefree & charming.

Description: The bright mandolin is catchy & relaxed. The energetic strumming guitar is carefree & positive. The cheerful bells & mellow bass are bouncy & rhythmic. Sophisticated strings add a sweet, fresh & refined flavor. Adventurous discovery, creative & innovative yet heartwarming, sentimental & innocent.

Description: The climbing building intro is compelling & heartwarming. The fresh powerful grand piano melody is catchy lively & hopeful. The rhythmic acoustic guitar is moving, optimistic & pulsing. The light bells are cheerful & carefree. The digital effects are textural & innovative. It's triumphant & vibrant.

Description: The dynamic rhythmic vocal samples are fresh youthful & innovative. The lively glassy bells are dreamy, elegant & joyful. The driving acoustic grand piano is positive empowering & warm. The catchy soaring melody is triumphant victorious & captivating. Compelling & courageous yet light calm & vibrant

Description: A charming, bright & calm intro. The soft, serene & clean flutes are cheerful & relaxed. The warm, colorful & gentle clarinets are candid, concerned & curious. The sweet, restful & still strings are merry, earthy & tender. Thoughtful, mellow & airy piano. Bouncy, perky, happy yet lively & joyful.