Description: Sad and lonely, dramatic music for heart breaking hurt and emotional discontent. Great track for the lonely clown circus spot or for the lonely drifter. Film and Television, Drama, Cartoon. Electric piano, Synth and Clarinet. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Contemplative Music

Description: Feel good medium tempo Commercial track. Happy, Positive and Cheerful this track has Advertising Product written all over it. Double Bass, Vibraphone, Electric Piano and sorted Synths are the main musical instruments. Children's Programming, Television Commercial Programming, Education, and CartoonsVocal:Instrumental;Tempo:Med Slow

Description: Quiet romantic guitar piece back by light strings, and keyboards, Easy and relaxed great music for Daytime Television Programming, Commercials, Soap Opera Theme, Men and Women's fragrances. Romantic Drama, Regal Enchanting Affairs to Corporate Advertisement and Promotions.

Description: Crime solving and Investigative theme music for film and television which features big guitar like that the days of the Westerns, Percussion, Synth and String and to this mysterious and haunting melody. Dramatic, Suspense, Dangerous, Espionage Forensic Investigations. Instrumental, Dangerous, Apprehensive Music

Description: Instrumental contemporary ballad with Dramatic Pop flavor. Electric Piano opening set the tone for the piece which is accompanied shortly thereafter by lush Strings. Bass and Hi Hat cymbals and as the composition develops Harp and the lonely Oboe is added. Dramatic Romantic Film and TV, Soundscape, Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music

Description: Dramatic instrumental with Classical overtones features beautiful ensemble which includes violin and cello interplay, soft and majestic with a Regal Elegance that provides the perfect setting for Contemplative, Romantic, Dramatic Reflective Graceful production scenes. Instore Retail Historical. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

Description: Distant contemplative medium tempo acoustic piano composition with repeating melody line which is accompanied by cello and string interlude. Tranquil and curious feel that workS well Dramatic calm mysterious and quiet settings, Film and Television production projects,, Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dramatic Epic

Description: Easy laid back reflective track with a simple and repeating melody. Reflective and Contemplative electric piano melody accompanied by light drums and bass and a modern dramatic twist. Television Commercial Advertising, Romantic Dramatic, Documentaries, Final Credits, New Broadcast and Sport Theme. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening

Description: Calm and Peaceful is this track that features a beautiful flute lead that'S simple and yet legato, rich strings that are flowing and strong but quiet cello to set the ground work for this trio. Dramatic, Cinematic, Romantic and Historical application and more.

Description: Soft reflective track with light and easy flowing African theme. Music for scenic visions of the majestic beauty of the African landscape and the wildlife preserved in that ancient land. Marimba, Hand Drums, Light Strings and African Horn. Documentaries, Travel, Film and Television.

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