Description: Nice and playful theme, vivacious and rhythmic. Excellent as background music for gastronomic tv shows. Also good for comedies. There is a party in the kitchen

Description:  Blues atmosphere great for sitcom and telefilm. Also good for Leno or Letterman type show

Description: For commercial spot. From knives to kitchenaids, from travelling agencies to gymnastic tools. Also excellent for radio jingle or advertising presentations.

Description: Groovy track with giant synth lead and epic guitars, Fresh TV Theme.

Description: Dark edgy contemporary piece for psychological thrillers, crime in progress, CSI, Dexter, Hip-Hop groovy drum, 16th clean psychadelic guitars, atmospheric pads and synths. Sparse and emotional.

Description: On a bed of piano and strings a very cool melody sung but without words. The sound is typical of some compressor valve in vogue in the 60s. It Could work very well on an very stylish advertisement or a film full of pathos.

Description: The atmosphere of a big sporting event like the marathon in New York. The people applaud in the streets and they encourage the athletes happy to run to reach the goal. Excellent for all other sports

Description: Tv and radio jingle, sophisticated bluesy atmospheres. Easy and simple music great for advertising or info-mercial purposes... or in a smokey club.

Description: Mystery and suspense. Music from an eastern desert with edgy electronic drums, distorted guitar, modern electronics, loneliness distant voice and tribal choir+percussion. Typical but original background for modern films, video games, documentaries, web sites and much more. Many subversions!

Description: Misterious and tension building track. Suitable for underscoring Quiz Shows, Game and other competition shows. Classic strings quartet, subtle sub-bass line, ethereal synths and orchestral choirs. Background for TV shows like 'Who wants to Be a Millionaire'.