Description: Uptempo, melodic intrumental rock track, catchy/quirky melody. Great for sports highlights or other action. Theme oriented. Interesting breaks...

Description: Flight on the airplane or paragliding. A person is soaring in the sky, also flight of birds or flock of birds, bird migration. Instruments: firstly slow classical rock guitar then plays unusual synthetic drum machine with synthesizer.

Description: Slow Swinging Jazz Trio Piano Lead Bass Solo

Description: Rousing orchestral theme for orchestra-- one of my top royalty-free sellers. This piece uses pop-orchestral elements, guitars, and epic percussion to tell a hopeful, inspirational story. With multiple builds throughout, this piece works amazingly well in ads, videos, and other media.

Description: Up Tempo Jazz Trio Piano Lead Bass And Drum Solos

Description: action, advertise, beat, best, business, club, corporate, dance, drive, drum, electronic, guitar, happy, hot, house, joyful, modern, motivational, night, optimistic, party, positive,

Description: Fun Up Tempo Jazz Trio Piano Lead

Description: Slow Tempo Jazz Trio Piano Lead Bass Solo