Description: This is a loop version of an upbeat, motivating and catchy music track featuring marimba, glockenspiel and piano for the main melody, also featuring orchestral strings, energetic drums and moving bass guitar. This inspiring, fun and addictive composition is great for any kind of advertising, including TV and radio commercials, corporate presentations, business projects, product promos, websites, YouTube videos and much more. Bright and uplifting music that evokes positive emotions and is perfect as a background music for your next successful project.

Description: This is a 30sec version of a motivational, uplifting, inspiring and triumphant music track featuring catchy piano, orchestral strings, upbeat drums, synthesizers, atmospheric pad, percussion and bass guitar. Motivating, positive and inspirational piece perfect for commercials and promos, advertising, corporate videos and projects, motivational YouTube videos, business presentations and much more. Its great optimistic vibe will attract clients to your video or website and bring success to your project.

Description: This is a loop version of a positive, uplifting and inspiring acoustic music track with a happy and optimistic feel featuring acoustic guitars, percussion, strings, bass and drums. Great as a background music for a variety of projects including commercials, documentary videos, YouTube videos, family and children's videos, TV, film and other media. Peaceful and carefree composition with a wonderful emotional performance is perfect to accompany your successful projects.

Description: This is a 30sec version of a contemporary cinematic track with an inspirational and motivational feel featuring piano, orchestral strings, modern drum beat, synthesizer and percussion. Elevating and moving composition that creates a perfect musical experience to accompany new project presentation, promo, commercial, advert and YouTube video. Atmospheric, energetic and evolving music track great for business and corporate media, new technology announcement, TV and radio.