Description: A cheerful, comical Reggae track with guitar, piano and quirky groove. Great for light-hearted, happy scene.

Description: Inspiring piece with acoustic guitar and full band backing. Celebratory atmosphere...

Description: Very groovy Funk track with classy old school feel.

Description: Seductive, elegant piece with organ, flowing pads, acoustic guitar and light groove. Great for soft, romantic, late-night background music!

Description: Quirky, spacious ambient electronic piece - great for background music.

Description: Flowing electronic track with light percussion and catchy synths. Great for inspiring web and corporate videos.

Description: Uplifting, carefree Country Folk track with quirky Southern feel.

Description: Uplifting piece with acoustic guitar, bells, light percussion and synth pads.

Description: Inspiring, quirky Acoustic Folk song with female vocals and light backing.

Description: Laid-back Blues/Folk track with emotional, reflective atmosphere. Guitar, piano and light percussion.

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