Description: Epic powerful and dramatic riser. This is the stuff of major superhero action movies. Big, dark, expansive and tense action. Fighting against evil - good will prevail. Features full orchestra, big thundering Tiako drums and male voice choir. Perfect for film drama through to radio and TV adverts. 60sec and 30sec with or without choir versions

Description: Energetic, uplifting track with a fresh, bright sound. Carefree acoustic guitar over simple beat. Fun, punchy and motivating!

Description: Funny, simple Pop/Hip Hop track with cool groove, catchy whistle melody and chucking guitar. Great for light-hearted, comical music to put a smile on people’s faces!

Description: Cool, groovy modern Pop track with uplifting, futuristic feel. Solid drum/bass groove, synth pads, guitar and catchy chorus hook. Very danceable, happy and carefree. Great for corporate, technology videos and commercials.

Description: Thunder (sports type of theme sound)

Description: The Truth And The Light ( Instrumental Vibe)

Description: Surrender Little short interlude

Description: Ride with me ( smooth sexy vibe )

Description: Out To Get It (instrumental Vibe)

Description: Instrumental Vibe (instrumental vibe)

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