Description: Modern , Electric sounding automation funk march.

Description: Medium opening drum grove, procressing a beautiful up syth lead and returning

Description: Simi Classical Pop instrumental chamber ensemble piece with 18th century flavor, features Cornet, Cellos and Flute. Melodic in nature with little harmonic content this setting works well for Commercial Corporate logo themes for Insurance Companies, Industrial Firms, Realty and Medical. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Description: Like a animal in the wild stocking their prey this creepy /dramatic suspense piece starts at a slower tempo and builds to a Med/Fast pace energetic musical ride. NCIS, Criminal Minds and or Law and Order after the physco killer. Organ Saprano Sax, timpani, strings bass & drums featured instruments. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Theme Crime

Description: Like a quiet star in the sky Polaris is a simple but beautiful contemporary track with spacious sparkling melodic and harmonic qualities. Electric piano, synth, Double Bass and Strings merge this colorful piece. Corporate Branding, Science and Space Documentaries. News Cable Retail Internet etc. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate New Age Electronic Music

Description: Cool sounding track for adventurous dangerous music for the man on or women stalking those you wrong themselves, family or friend, Think of Steven Segal in Out For Justice."Anybody seen Richie" Smooth Synth Bass Line, Swirling Strings with simple Bass Drums and Hand Claps. Military, Cop Drama, Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Dramatic chase, hunting, stalking

Description: Background theme music for Criminal Law and Military Film and Television Production Great track for scenes that prepare for a Cop bust or Military battle preperation. Martial Art, Competitive Sports, Commercial and Corporate and Industrial Branding, Instrumental, Military Music, Battle Preparation Urban Contemporary

Description: Electronic Funk/Jazz/Rock underscore, works well with criminal bad ass antagonist or the crime fighter on the beat out for justice. Tight funky drum beat accompanies a repeating distorted grinding bass line atop inventive sustained guitar power chords. Dangerous music, Contact Sports, Criminal Law. Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Edgy Music

Description: Sad and lonely, dramatic music for heart breaking hurt and emotional discontent. Great track for the lonely clown circus spot or for the lonely drifter. Film and Television, Drama, Cartoon. Electric piano, Synth and Clarinet. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Contemplative Music

Description: Medium paced background track with laid back feel that features oboe melody line Bass, Synth and Drums. Reflective and Contemplative this track would work well with non violent chase scene or law crime, middle eastern settings, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music

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