Description: A super fun ‘wake up’ tune to energize your Summer morning.

Description: A fun, upbeat, track with a whimsical Summer feel – perfect for a beach montage.

Description: Lighthearted and bouncy rhythms make “Happy Go Lucky” a simple, but childishly fun track. Great for commercials or a family walk together.

Description: Intimate and inspiring, "Pondering Hope" is a piano and strings piece which captures the imaginative emotion of hope and dreams. Perfect for motivational corporate presentations, romance or travel scenes, a children montage, or any moment which needs an extra serving of understated, yet powerful emotion.

Description: Tender and emotional, "Lovers Waltz" is a light and simple piece to underscore any moment in your project of simplistic beauty. This intimate, yet stirring track features a piano on top of a moving orchestration of strings. Great for romantic or sentimental settings, this score will add a touching layer of beauty to your piece.

Description: Oh boy! It's another ukulele commercial with the little bell thingies.. (glockenspiel). It's happy and upbeat! It will make you smile and want to buy stuff! Will it end up on a corporate video, or a children montage? Who knows? There are lots of these tracks - but this one is made with love.

Description: Modern and emotional, "Modern Drama" carries the subtle power of today's TV scores. Organic and rhythmic, this heartfelt and stirring underscore can provide the extra emotional power for nearly any video sequence.

Description: Modern and emotional, "TV Piano Drama 1" is a subtle drone and piano underscore track in the style which is popular for many contemporary TV Dramas. Simple and unobtrusive, this is a great ambient piece for tender or intimate moments. Good for slow motion or flashbacks, this has the emotional punch you need.

Description: Fun and upbeat, this is a short acoustic guitar based cue designed to be laid under credits of a film. It is light and happy and will lend itself well to a brief comedy montage or slideshow.