Description: Live funky bass, strings, flutes, live drums, hard rock guitars / sounds like a action or mystery TV theme show music

Description: Live bass guitar with a little distortion, live funky drums, mute guitar, delay organ hits, & slide guitar / think car commercial

Description: Hard rocking drums, live bass with a chorus fx, and hard driving distorted guitars / think action or mystery TV Theme show music

Description: Reverb drum hits, low acoustic bass, deep string lines, sharp string lines, bright percussion, driving drums at the end / think TV Theme show or film trailer

Description: Haunting piano and strings, low moody sound scapes, trip-hop style drum beats, low electric bass, dis guitars, and orch perc / think TV theme show or film trailer

Description: Live driving drums, electric bass guitar, 70's sounding organ, mute guitar, strings, bright percussion, and a strong lead electric guitar line / think action tv show theme

Description: SP-1200 drums, low si-fi sounding synth fxs, a hooky bell melody, live rock drums, fuzz bass guitar, strong string melodies, hard rock guitars, and a reverb piano / think action tv show theme

Description: Strong and very hooky strings, piano chord hits, driving electric bass, rock guitar power chords, B-3 organ, bright percussion, orchestral percussion, drum machines mixed with live drums, and a bell melody / think TV show theme or corporate video

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, live electric bass guitar, live drums and percussion, B-3 organ, and an electric guitar lead / think TV or radio advertisement or TV show theme

Description: Hip-Hop / Pop style drum machines, 80's arpeggiated synth bass, analog keyboard chord hits, and a very catchy synth lead / think TV or radio advertisement or a TV cue for a show based in the 80's

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