Description: A happy, motivational and cheerful orchestral tune with a catchy glockenspiel and piano melody over an uplifting string background and a steady rim shot beat. Perfect instrumental background music for videos, funny and happy commercials and advertising, jolly kids or cute pets related ads or presentations, YouTube videos and more.

Description: a lighthearted 30 sec. spot. it's acoustic guitars, bass, and drums. a whimsical, fun, easygoing mood.

Description: quirky, fun, upbeat, electric guitars, accordion.

Description: Very positive, cheerful music.Could be used in a TV, advertising, commercials, Flash, background for web sites, comedy, video game ,children's show

Description: classical guitar theme , very romantic , calm.

Description: afternoon funk is a funky drum groove with a snappy bass, clean rhythm guitars, and tasteful lead guitar work.

Description: This happy, bouncy song features a nylon-string (classical) guitar, ukulele, handclaps, piano, bass, and a glockenspiel playing the main melody. It works perfectly as ukelele background music, for corporate presentations, in a photo slideshow or in commercials.