Description: Disturbing background, alternate version of ww300009.

Description: Tense, disturbing background punctuated with piano.

Description: Alternate version of ww300006 without synth ending.

Description: Sad and pensive electric piano piece with suspended end.

Description: Solo electric guitar instrumental with dreamy effects. A sense of contemplation, a touch of suspense, mystery, tension, edgy. Very poignant deep dark cinematic. Slow easy spacious. Good for documentary film television scenes. Captivating haunting hypnotic. A sense of wonderment questioning and what might be next.

Description: This track is corporate, positive and warm. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials,TV programs, websites, inspirational videos, motivational stories, photo slideshows and other projects that need a positive mood.

Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective cinematic track. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, photo slideshows and more...