Description: Bright, jolly and exciting - this track IS Christmas. Wrapped up warm, with scarves and hats, its all aboard the sleigh for ride through the freshly fallen sparkling snow. This rhythmic orchestral underscore builds from start, with a stop, before the full section. Perfect for seasonal visuals. Main, 60sec and 30sec, plus mix-outs

Description: Uplifting, bright and fun EDM bubble-gum pop. Glitzy and glam, fashionable, contemporary and girly, with a real young persons vibe. Perfect for radio and television commercials, multimedia projects, for youth related products and services. Commercial length full and underscore mixes. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Gentle, heartwarming, light contemporary Christmas underscore. The coming together of unlikely characters for the festive season in a sparkling winter wonderland. Perfect for a Christmas story advert, portraying warmth and togetherness, as made by large chain stores for Christmas promos and adverts. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Magical and wondrous theme to a Christmas story. Breaking away from the traditional feel of a Christmas promotion, this style of theme is widely used for the big store promotions which tell a story. This rich orchestral theme gradually builds in orchestration and rhythm to warm, kind and caring ad. 60sec and 30sec full and no keyboard mixes

Description: Jolly, festive, romp around in the snow. This original Christmas theme has a real nostalgic feel, that takes you back to your childhood spending the Christmas holidays playing out. Full of fun and merriment. Features light pop orchestra. Perfect for television programs and commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Proud, upstanding and expansive. A sense of duty, a sense of tradition, a sense of wonder. This track has drive and movement, gradually building to a crescendo and resolve, Featuring wide symphonic strings interweaving with horns, synths and cinematic drums. Perfect for commercials to drama. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Bright upbeat synth pop. Catchy and contemporary electronic underscore, with an uplifting feel good factor. Features U2 style electric guitars alongside dance synths and a strong beat. Ideal for radio and television commercials, suitable for a wide range of products and services. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Beautiful and celestial heavenly fanfare. A cinematic fanfare featuring a full orchestra together with a choir of angels. Huge epic production, in a grand triumphant style. A real taste of classic Hollywood. Perfect for documentary, drama, film or radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Tense, purposeful and edgy classical strings. Full of drama, movement and power struggles. The driving rhythmic cello mix with the inter-weaving frantic violas, whilst the violins have a more calming influence. Perfect for drama, documentary and commercials - especially sleek new car TV adverts. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Laid back contemporary Christian style underscore. Easy and gentle song, but with some pace and movement. Ideal accompaniment for spiritual television, religious web biogs and profiles, radio commercials on faith stations or general commercial use. Features piano and Rhodes keyboards. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions