Description: ‘Corporate Summer’ is an inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track featuring catchy whistles and electric guitar tunes , claps, ukulele, piano, atmospheric pads, bass and great upbeat drums! It conveys the spirit of freedom, holiday, party and a lot of exciting fun. This energetic and positive track is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.

Description: Opening the SaInstrumental music made for orchestra. The music describes a scene opening the doors of the Santas Workshop, firstly very calm and some melancholic but then evolves to a lot of activity and motion. The mood is relaxing and evolves to cheerful and optimistic.

Description: Light fresh lunch? No, it is fresh track! A pleasant feeling! Track is positive, like your dreams! The track is ideal for advertising of all kinds of goods and services, video trailers, sound tracks, movies, documentaries, television programs, computer games and other.

Description: A gentle whimsical arpeggiated piano and harp chord progression with drum kit percussion at 68 beats per minute with a soft to cheerful flute melody and full string section.

Description: Positive and melodic track will be perfectly suited as background music for hi-tech, science, medical, technical, corporate and business.

Description: A hard and brutal instrumental theme in the genre of electronic rock, accompanied by incisive sitar passages and edgy synthetic guitar riffs; well-suited for a mean spectacle of raw power: hit it, smash it, make it loud and noisy, with force, for the sake of force!

Description: A dramatic and epic track that builds to a heroic climax. Featuring brass, strings ostinatos, epic percussion and choir. Good for tv, commercials, film and games

Description: Minimalistic track in a subtle tense mood. It features bass guitar and electric guitar. Good for political video or a video game.

Description: Anthem pop contemporary inspiring track for big sport events. This music is full of olympic spirit. Spirit of Victory.

Description: A full on energetic African Drumming World Cup Style track! Full of African drums, exciting rhythms, and ready to explode for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa! This track will give your visuals the right african twist they need to support the world cup this summer!