Description: Reflective and meloncholic with a sinister, darker edge. Begins with single piano notes and distant voices from another dimension, then develops into a light piano theme. Main mix, underscore, 55, 30a, 30b, 30c sec versions and sting.

Description: Mighty, powerful, driving, orchestral action theme. Lots of hit points, stabs and swells. Big cinematic drums, cymbal crashes & Timps alongside sweeping strings and surging brass. Great for chase, movement, action, superheros, military, commercials. Main mix 60, 60us, ext rhythm mix, 30 & 30 us

Description: Enquiring and investigative theme. Opens with sparse bell electric piano figures to light rhythm section. Ideal for TV detective or light drama theme. Main mix, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Full of energy, vibrance and colour. A real carnival atomsphere with the flavour of the Caribbean or Latin America. Bright, Lively & happy - it just makes you want to dance. Featuring latin percussion, steel drums, electric bass guitar & brass section. 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore mix

Description: Latin Ballroom theme, in the style of Strictly Come Dancing. Lively, upbeat, and flamboyant, with all the passion of Ballroom Dancers. Pin your number on your back and off you go twirling around the dance floor. Features a full brass section and Latin band. Great for commercials to TV spoof. 60sec and 30sec

Description: Bright, lively and uptempo underscore groove, in the style of I'm A Celebrity TV theme. Lively groove for down in the jungle, with a funky Latin flavour and a hint of the exotic. Great for promos and talk-overs, commercials and comedy spoof. Various mixes and cuts

Description: Famous, well-known Classical tune by Dvorak. An abridged excerpt from Symphony number 9, from 'The New World", played as originally scored, on the English Horn or Cor Anglais with wind and brass accompaniment. This movement has been regularly used in adverts, films, video games and TV shows. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Traditional American sports stadium rally call, played on the hammond organ. Ideal for indoor sports event chants, baseball, hockey etc., Comprises of 3 ascending figures which gradually speed up, stops, ending with a rally call.

Description: Wonderfully nostalgic, upbeat Christmas pop underscore. Just how Christmas should be - full of fun, happy, warm and fuzzy - the stuff that memories are made of. Perfect for festive promos, commercials, TV trailers, adverts, web promotions. Features pop combo including slide Fender Strat. 60 and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Jaunty, light & fluffy pizzicato strings. For those less than serious, whimsical moments. Full of movement & contains faster & slower passages with lots of pauses making it easy to edit. Perfect for Reality TV, Comedy, Light Corporate & Dramedy. Various mixes