Description: Tense up, Rock Drama Moderate Medium Up-tempo Determined Strange Concerned Pensive Dark Fearful Foreboding Nervous Synthesizer Drums Bass Electric Guitar Percussion Action Suspense Mystery Tension Transition Interlude Background Night Travelling Moving Television TV Radio Movies Films.

Description: Very slow and sad piano and orchestral atmosphere, featuring cello.

Description: Mysterious and ominously dark orchestral textures.

Description: Slow and deep horror movie music with effects, orchestra.

Description: Mean and slimy character portrait featuring electric guitars and rhythm section.

Description: Alternate version of ww300061, rhythm track alone without atmospheres.

Description: Dark, insistant rhythm track with acoustic guitar and synth atmospheres.

Description: Alternate version of ww300059, fast rhythm section bed alone.

Description: Slow, dark intro featuring electric guitars leads into chase.

Description: Dark, mysterious rhythm pattern, with synth and percussion.