Description: Mid Tempo Jazz Trio Piano Lead Bass Solo

Description: Ambient underwater droning synths slowly morf into a modern funky disco groove taking the listener through multiple moods and levels of excitement only to climax and slowly return to the watery depths from whence it came.

Description: Mid Tempo Jazz Trio Piano Lead Bass Solo

Description: Morning Glory is an upbeat instrumental that puts you in the mind of waking to a cold early morning rain with a mission to accomplish.

Description: A Fun uplifting Instrumental (Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Easy Listening or Pop) song suitable as a music bed for film, Movies, TV, advertising, video or as an independent piece itself!

Description: Long track for your successful corporate movie! Very energetic, dynamic, ambient corporate motivational track. Music about flight a bird. Features powerful strings rhythm and modern beat. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web, radio and TV production. Also presented "Positive Corporate Technology LOOP".

Description: Contemporary fusion music, with the dramatic edge. makes the perfect soundtrack, or score for any project that's looking to take their production to the next level.

Description: An emotional and poignant track that starts out with piano and then is joined by cello and a string ensemble. It continues to grow throughout, with sections that pause. It evokes feelings of hope, contemplation, new beginnings, reflection, and would be ideal for any movie or film project, documentary, tv series, or other production needing an inspiring soundtrack. IMPORTANT: If you use this for broadcast, please register the title on the cue sheet as "New Life".