Description: A Casual and bright everyday theme containing colourful, happy, joyful elements creating a sweet melody suitable for advertising and TV commercials. The melody itself is simplistic, whilst holding a slight creative edge.

Description: Colorful, positive and optimistic music built on repeating phrases.

Description: Spying, sneaking and scheming music. Dramatic without being overblown.

Description: Pleasant acoustic guitar with strings conveying Love. Children's lullaby.

Description: Joyful positive piece for your happy projects. It is full of energy and freedom- all you need in a project about youth, friendship, lifestyle, summer vacations. This cheerful tune was created with drums, synths, piano, bells, guitars and strings.

Description: Cheerful melody bounces along to strummed acoustic guitar and a simple rhythm to create a vibrant, uplifting mood ideal for animal themes or to imply happiness, excitement an joy.

Description: Epic Orchestral type of Film & Tv Scores

Description: This tastefully smooth track is well-suited to advertising a high-end product. It is modern and sexy featuring guitars, Mediterranean chords, and upbeat percussion.

Description: This track perfect for film trailers, commercials, videos, projects and so on. Included Instruments: Strings, Violins, Violas, Cellos, Contrabass and Piano.