Description: Inspiration, motivating track with full band orchestration. Builds gradually throughout...

Description: Uplifting full band piece with positive, celebratory feel.

Description: Uplifting track with happy go lucky celebratory feel. Driving drums, guitar and catchy synths.

Description: Uplifting electroinic track with feel-good, happy go lucky atmosphere.

Description: Cool, quirky track with solid groove, funky guitar and harmonica.

Description: Very emotional and loving piece with piano, cello and strings. Building into uplifting theatrical-style ending.

Description: Light easy-listening track with piano, flowing strings and oboe, building into chorus section with drums and bass. Loving, emotional feel.

Description: Romantic piano piece with gentle string accompanyment. Cello appears in verse 2. Slightly sad or melancholic feel throughout.

Description: Peaceful piano piece with sparse string accompanyment. Romantic and emotional feel.

Description: Romantic, emotional piece with piano, oboe and strings, building into full orchestrated section.