Description: Happy go lucky commercial track whiich features vibes, synth bass, strings, claps glockenspeil and electic piano. Corporate retail and apparell, Cars sales, Comedy Childrens, Romantic Comedy. Feel good positive great for advertising content. Instrumental, Comedy Music, Comedy Pop

Description: Action music that works well with Law and Crime chase scenes, soaring synth lineand pumping bass guitar and drums gives the track a driving quality for all youraction fast pace needs. Trance music, Cardio Sports and Extreme Sport, CommercialAdvertising and Military Scenes, Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Dangerous Music

Description: Latin Samba rhythm that has Game Show Theme written all over it. Inspired by the Jeaprody Show Theme, Happy Samba has a Piano melody with a strong latin rhythm and harmonies to back it. Great for On Hold or Instore Music, Sidewalk Cafe Commercial Building or Lobby Music. Corporate Retail. Instrumental, Brazilian, Música Popular Brasileira

Description: Dedication to The Beatles, Four Lads is a composition that recaptures the Early Seventies English sound that the Fab Four spear headed during that time with tunes like "Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields" Piano and Cornet are the leadsfor the Music for TV Commercial, Airlines, European style music, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Dramatic Epic Music

Description: Positive determined track for motivational and inspirational projects and branding. Simple harmonic pattern back by a driving musical force spot-lighting bass and drums that supports a New Age feeling with piano, synth work. Sport theme, Dramatic, Corporate, Industrial Commercial. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Electronic Progressive

Description: Slow motion synth based track with nice layers of harmonic color and just enough of a beat to add tempo. Synth, Acoustic Bass, Bass Drum and String provides for an effective back ground track for Cop Drama, Military, Medical Drama, New Age meditation, spa and relaxation, Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres

Description: Beautiful spacious instrumental ballad with an quiet Asian flavor. Electric piano leads and harmonic lines ring out as melodic flute lines spiral in and out, up and down to create lush musical imagery for the audience. Dramatic, Romantic, Asian New Age. Instrumental, New Age Music, Contemporary Instrumental

Description: Medium paced background track with laid back feel that features oboe melody line Bass, Synth and Drums. Reflective and Contemplative this track would work well with non violent chase scene or law crime, middle eastern settings, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music

Description: Electronic Funk/Jazz/Rock underscore, works well with criminal bad ass antagonist or the crime fighter on the beat out for justice. Tight funky drum beat accompanies a repeating distorted grinding bass line atop inventive sustained guitar power chords. Dangerous music, Contact Sports, Criminal Law. Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Edgy Music

Description: Background theme music for Criminal Law and Military Film and Television Production Great track for scenes that prepare for a Cop bust or Military battle preperation. Martial Art, Competitive Sports, Commercial and Corporate and Industrial Branding, Instrumental, Military Music, Battle Preparation Urban Contemporary