Description: This track begins at a sexy 70 BPM then shoots to 140 , very original full of emotions .

Description: A simple pretty feel good track easy going because of sweet guitars and piano overtones with energy because of the drums , the pads keeps the elements as one .

Description: This track gets me ready to move and fast , tights drums , percussion and fills that make sharp turns

Description: An electric shock I call it , open to interpretation , track has characteristics of its own . Electric sounds .

Description: A street break style vibe , uptempo , catchy line that invites but not without chasing first , challenges , upbeat happy bass line .

Description: Happy Piano track , with strings , positive , cheery .

Description: My favorite , this track invites , lures in , has attracting come here sounds , all music elements plays enticing roles .

Description: A wake up track , lively and purposeful , written to shine for something else , help dictate an idea .

Description: Music that suits presentation for a new product . Serious mean business sounds .

Description: Happy piano sound with accompanying percussion , sexy energy .