Description: Short Halloween theme track.Good for short productions or background music.

Description: Tense, upset, and anxious; this sad piano solo starts with a quiet gasp and grows to an anguished scream.

Description: This dramatic and dark modern rock music combines a haunting and bold sound with mystery and style. The calm piano melody is complemented with electric guitar, bass, harmonics, and powerful drums. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including television, film, documentary, thrillers, and more.

Description: Light futuristic optimistic stylish fresh design discovery first-mover precision breakbeat tomorrow invention clear glass bells positive jingle theme logo sound creative.

Description: The happy commercial tv theme open or promo for travel show world cooking or travel id here we go uplift da grovey upbeat quirky funky man a tv-like jingle with a solid party mood ! jazzy rocky full of energy and happiness. With drums horns guitars choirs voices dj effects.

Description: Uplifting upbeat happy positive inspirational piano guitar acoustic guitar advertising corporate video corporate tv music tv trailer music.

Description: Up-beat funky pop with crunch sounds electric guitar piano and synths with tasty groove below the happy commercial joyful.

Description: Happy children commercials circus music commercial joyful the happy commercial bouncy and joyful fantasy ironical funny.

Description: Tv teenager theme fair honesty kids friendship.

Description: Christmas holiday joy joyous magic magical resound exciting spirit cheer season orchestral orchestra fanfare brass horns trumpets trombones strings sleigh bells glad tidings winter jesus merry.