Description: More orchestrated version of ww800156.

Description: Dark and tense tones open and lead into a dramatic rhythm pattern, like a chase scene.

Description: Shorter, alternate version of ww300042, slower tempo, drum suggestive of a heartbeat.

Description: Alternate version of 300042, higher key, harsher string textures, hard end.

Description: Dark and fearful rhythm buildup into climax.

Description: Ethereal, dreamlike synth texture, with evil stings and accents.

Description: Exciting opening rhythm with brass and synth goes into a dark atmosphere.

Description: Dark and moody background rhythm loop.

Description: Hard, Rock Drama Electronic Industrial Transition Medium Up-tempo Quick Fast Hard Reckless Harsh Angry Pensive Intense Passionate Dark Nervous Negative Synthesizer Drums Bass Strings Percussion Orchestra Chase Action Suspense Mystery Tension Transition Interlude Background Urban Night Travelling Moving American Industry Television TV Radio Movies.

Description: A series of dramatic string hits, relieved by a humorous harmonica ending.