Description: Tense, upset, and anxious; this sad piano solo starts with a quiet gasp and grows to an anguished scream.

Description: Sad, Magic, Melancholic, Dark, Dramatic, Nervous, Mystical, Angry, Chaotic, Alone string and piano music

Description: Inspired looped plot that combines a dominant piano and another piano in continuous arpeggio, on a texture of cinematic strings with the inspired entry of the cellos. Great for documentaries, TV themes, media projects. Peaceful and tranquil background.

Description: Inspiring build-up featuring optimistic horn crescendos and cinematic strings which gradually evolves into a beautifully decorated motivational style melody making it suitable for sport tributes or promo trailers.

Description: Fast and energetic uplifting world music track with positive mood / feel. Overdrive percussions and classical guitars and string section. Useful for successful corporate visuals,game shows openers and any successful project !

Description: This is a simple and soft ,slow and sweet ballad, Like a summer afternoon romance, A simple piece with piano,bells And Acoustic Guitars that evokes childlike feelings of innocence and tenderness. Sweet and lullaby-like,Fit for commercials ,wedding video,photography slideshows or romantic scenes.

Description: Score for acoustic piano, fresh,

Description: Feel Good Flowing Happy Laid Back Leisure Mellow Peaceful

Description: Groovy number with live drums, live bass, and some really interesting ambient textures. Perfect for any sound track / commercial applications…I do have to say…that the drums sound really good in this mix...

Description: Uplifting song that starts off with piano followed by drums, bass and a string section. Perfect for commercial or corporate use.