Description: A modern instrumental pop track with emotional and romantic undertones. Ideal for any tv spots or cinematic productions about love or relationships, inspiring stories, overcoming adversity and obstacles, etc. Conveys general feelings of hope, love and inspiration. Features, guitar, piano, bass and percussion.

Description: Laid-back solo piano plays jazz influenced arrangement inspired by stride and chord melody genres, suggested to underscore intimate scenes of reflection.

Description: Solo piano plays simple patterns suggested to underscore intimate scenes involving romance, reassurance, reflection and optimism.

Description: Gentle contentment is a feeling of happy satisfaction that comes with the passion of success and the joy of life. This track has a calm and content happiness and imparts with it a homey warmth. There's a warm and gently played guitar synthesizer arpeggio underscore with a lush tender string section, grand piano, and a lovely flute duet melody. The flutes converse with perfect harmony and there's a catchy familiar melodic movement that's blended into a stimulating syncopated rhythmic balance. Key of G major, 75 beats per minute

Description: Mid tempo spacious track with driving repeating Bass and Drum lines, combined with minimal Synth, French Horn and Strings this track will work well with various style productions, Dramatic, Dangerous, Video Games, Military projects and more. Great track for Final Credits.

Description: A charged up arpeggiated synthesizer groove drives the energy level up into a brisk percussion dance beat with electronic swells and effects. It then lifts up ambitions even higher with electrifying conga percussion beat and a triumphantly rising two part harmony of vocal choir. This is a great energetic track for motivation and excitement. 140 beats per minute.

Description: Uplifting and positive pop/rock track. Driving electric guitars, muted and delayed. Perfect for presentations, advertising & Travel.

Description: High tech logo for your projects

Description: Simple orchestral logo for your video projects

Description: Fantastic, atmospheric opening logo for any of your projects