Description: Inspiring, motivating modern Pop track with solid groove, strings and catchy synths. Great for commercial advertising, or anything needing an inspirational piece.

Description: A short orchestral piece with a Disney-like, magical quirky feel. Great for advertising theme or presentation logo.

Description: Upbeat catchy track with humerous, quirky instrumentation. Also has happy-go-lucky childish feel.

Description: Uplifting track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Description: Inspiring and uplifting track with solid beat and cool arrangements. Sense of triumph and success.

Description: Beautiful, gentle piece with piano and acoustic guitar

Description: Peaceful, emotional tune with piano and pads - feeling of loneliness and melancholy

Description: Delicate atmospheric piece with feeling of melancholy

Description: Energetic news/sports track with hi energy beat and catchy synths

Description: Delicate, emotional piece with guitar and bass