Description: Three pizzicato string lines, backwards metallic percussion, an angelic flutola flute, a percussive kalimba lead melody, a solid four on the floor kick drum, and a driving udo percussion loop / Composed for a TV Mystery or Who done It show.

Description: A delayed synth motif, distorted Rhodes and piano chords, lush angelic chord pads, live electric fuzz bass, bright ethnic percussion, live drums blended with thumping electronic drums, and a smooth clean electric guitar lead / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs catchy instrumental pop / rock.

Description: A futuristic arpeggiated chord pattern, smooth funky electric bass, a funky drum loop, thumping kicks, bright snares, trance style synth stabs, a powerful lead string melody, and a spacey piano outro / Composed for a Futuristic TV show that would appear on the Syfy Channel

Description: Smooth piano chords, an angelic arpeggiated chord pad pattern, rich electric fretless bass, thick and rich drums and percussion, and a multi layered beautiful lead bell melody / Composed for a Romantic TV Drama or a Medical TV Show

Description: A panning electric guitar percussive riff, driving electric bass guitar, low analog synth tones, lush string chords, driving live drums, and a catchy lead piano melody / Composed for a TV Drama, TV Action, or Cop Show

Description: A bright percussive bell melody, pop piano,warm fretless bass, rich chord pads, strongballad drums, and bell tree percussion / thinkTV or Film theme

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, live electric bass guitar, live drums and percussion, B-3 organ, and an electric guitar lead / think TV or radio advertisement or TV show theme

Description: SP-1200 drums, low si-fi sounding synth fxs, a hooky bell melody, live rock drums, fuzz bass guitar, strong string melodies, hard rock guitars, and a reverb piano / think action tv show theme

Description: Live driving drums, electric bass guitar, 70's sounding organ, mute guitar, strings, bright percussion, and a strong lead electric guitar line / think action tv show theme

Description: Haunting piano and strings, low moody sound scapes, trip-hop style drum beats, low electric bass, dis guitars, and orch perc / think TV theme show or film trailer