Description: Cinematic, inspiration music track featuring piano, strings, pad, cinematic drums and bass. It's a great background music soundtrack for your animation, advertisement, promo video, presentation, educational app. Duration: 60 sec.

Description: Light, motivating, corporate background track. Transparent muted guitars, warm pads, light, clear piano and bright clean guitar themes and straight, quiet groove. The composition is suitable for musical backgrounds or sound illustrations, soundtrack or audio presentation.

Description: Perfect track for your successful corporate movie! Very energetic, dynamic, ambient corporate motivational track. Music about flight a bird. Features powerful strings rhythm and modern beat. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web, radio and TV production.

Description: Version pf Last One Standing without lead synths. Very futuristic downtempo electronic thing with bright beats, distorted synths.

Description: Lovely descending piano melody. Great as logo/ident.

Description: Track for solo piano, classical, lively and full of contrasts. Particularly suitable for film projects or in background.

Description: Warm, inviting and glowing Christmas cocktails. Sophisticated and laid back jazzy lounge, with a bit of pace. Features piano, double bass and brush drum kit. Ideal for a more quality, luxurios, grown-up festive feel for adverts, commercials, radio and television. Commercial length cuts and mixes

Description: Quirky, simplistic version of 'The Star Spangled Banner', the USA's national anthem, played on two banjos. Witty and whimsical, suggesting a laid-back easy life of the backwoods or more rural states of America. Ideal for tongue-in-cheek, comedy, TV, multimedia and radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood. Perfect for drones footage , nature & travels videos.

Description: Happy, upbeat motivational orchestral track. Builds from simple piano idea into big orchestral statement, then gradually fades to a strong ending. Bouncy, bright strings and gorgeous piano elevate this track, and the explosion of joy that forms the big climax is sure to lift your spirits too.