Description: Extremely acute synthesizer sounding in rap style.

Description: pensive acoustic guitar in the middle temp, a person is waiting for someone on the station and looking at the station clock

Description: Hard, fashionable, energetic instrumental calling for the search for freedom.

Description: acute explosive synthesizer rock manner

Description: aggressive long-haired drummer with tattoo is playing, a hero gathers weapons before the final battle,

Description: hard strained synthesizer introduction with dry and biting rhyhtm turns into a tragic electro piano and then there is a wide shrilling background

Description: sad but bright gitars in club style

Description: Deep and sad electric piano, with synthetic background and hard rap rhythm. It is giving a feeling of sitting in a prison, or you see like someone is taking drugs.

Description: This track is giving a feeling of eluding time, picture od a lonely old man, reflection about life.

Description: A slightly tense jerky synthesizer with clear contemporary rhythm. It sounds like a woman is doing exercises, jumping and moving rhythmically.