Description: This suspense/horror orchestral track would be great for a scene on a dark road in the middle of nowhere.

Description: Reassuring hardcore dance track that opens up and creates a solid background for presentations and news reels. Mainly a dance track with corporate orientation. Delivers a feeling of innovation, suitable for slide shows, advertisement or indie projects.

Description: Happy and energetic, your audience will join in the fun, snapping, clapping and toe tapping. Design a upbeat, enthusiastic commercial/ ad. This track grabs you right from the start with its snappy beats. Instrumentation is acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, glockenspiel, electric guitar, drums. Hit it out of the park with this background music!

Description: Bouncy and hopeful describe this fun track. If you want to create a light and motivatioal environment for your next project give this track a try. It combines guitar, synths and a simple piano part to create feeling of hope, optimism with a sprinkling of optimism thrown in for good mesaure.

Description: This is a light corpoate motivational track featuring piano and synth-pop elements. This is a jolly inspiring track with turns and twists, suitable for video music background, tech, and all other uses. Hope you find it useful!

Description: Fun, light, happy, childish track, good for fun games, animation and advertising.

Description: Intense and mysterious beginning, goes to a freestyle groovy funky jazz ending.

Description: This is a modern music with orchestra in a dramatic mood. Deep reverb piano solo.

Description: Experimental rock, I called this stile "synthetic rock", because only synthetic leading instruments are used. Powerfull music in agressive mood with elements of neo-classic rock. Excellent as a soundtrack for dynamic video: extreme sports, cars rasing, ect.

Description: This is a modern music in hightech and industrial mood. The Intro can be used like logo, the main part of track is good for illustration of motion, city night drive etc.