Description: Magical cinematic music track that is great for creating enchanting atmosphere in you cartoons, movies, mobile applications, creative projects. During the track a bit cosmic melody transferres into cheerful carefree composition and than back again. Like you are traveling between two totally different worlds. This unusual track is created with drums, percussion, piano, bass, vibes, strings and synths.

Description: Instrumental composition made for piano solo. The music is lively and happy, also calm and steady. The style is very near to blues, jazz and slow ragtime. This music fits very well on fun and casual retro scenes, as a background.

Description: Light beautiful track for movies, animations and commercials. It creates positive atmosphere of early morning on the meadow with cold dew covering green lush grass. Piano, strings and synths are combined in this piece to give you the perfect tune.

Description: Beautiful cheerful music track great for animations and commercials,also movies and positive videos. The charming piece sets atmosphere of magic . The main instruments are: piano, bells, synths, strings, woods and marimba.

Description: Motivational, uplifting and cheerful background music, perfect for spring mood.

Description: Energetic, "organic", positive folk-rock track, featuring lots of acoustic guitars, a strumming one, an arpeggiated one, a solo guitar, a bass guitar and drums. Piece of music inspired to nature, travel, sun, documentaries and good feelings.

Description: Perfect background cinematic music for YouTube videos, TV shows, corporate and business presentations, promotions, advertising, movies, short films and cinematic movie trailers. Mood: inspirational, heroic, epic, intense, emotional, energetic, dramatic. Instruments: acoustic piano, epic toms, drums, strings, brass, trumpet.

Description: Olympic orchestral theme with fanfare. This piece is ideal as a background for sport events and official ceremonies. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: This track is ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal. If you need something catchy and uplifting for your next project, you just found it! There are four versions - this is the version number 3

Description: Simple, peaceful, upbeat solo piano plays quiet arrangement suggested for intimate scenes.