Description: Inspiring full-band piece with strings, guitar, driving beat and synths. Very catchy, motivating piece, building throughout into a big finale. Great for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Description: Energetic, motivating track with catchy melody and driving groove.

Description: Short catchy stinger with solid upbeat groove, piano and pads. Great for commercial or presentation.

Description: Uplifting, inspiring piece with piano, gradually building into full-band.

Description: Short, catchy stinger with uplifting, positive feel. Great for ID spot and corporate logo.

Description: Inspiring, uplifting track with full-band arrangement. Starts softly, then gradually builds throughout...

Description: Beautifully inspiring piece beginning with piano, then gradually building into full-band. Motivating, emotional and uplifting feel.

Description: Charming, elegant orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Description: Emotional and inspiring piece with piano and strings. Gradually building throughout...

Description: Short elegant stringer with magical Disney feel. Great for presentations and commercials.