Description: Melodic and steady, starts to soar with guitars, creates a soundscape of rhythm and action.

Description: Sounds like loops, but every sound is hand made. Catchy and unique. Could work for sports, commercials and investigation.

Description: All of the sounds are hand made as opposed to being loops. Sounds like investigation and oddness.

Description: A superior machine sings in this melodic and robot-like pop tune. It is perfect to sell phones and so on as well as being a great film or TV track.

Description: Sounds like jazz, hip hop, with a light and whimsical energy.

Description: Sounds happy and quirky, jazzy and busy. Great for pleasant and whimsical background music.

Description: Sounds like high speed footchase and running through the streets. Chaos and furious movement.

Description: Sounds like sports highlights, cars racing, stunts, flying and fast action.

Description: Sounds like high speed sports clips or dangerous racing.

Description: Sounds like sophistication and good times in a downtown setting with contemporary orchestration and jazz elements.