Description: Soft reflective track with light and easy flowing African theme. Music for scenic visions of the majestic beauty of the African landscape and the wildlife preserved in that ancient land. Marimba, Hand Drums, Light Strings and African Horn. Documentaries, Travel, Film and Television.

Description: Suspenseful tension mounting track with fresh simple theme with full sounding ensemble with minimal motion. Powerful but subtle French Horn, intense Strings Cello and Timpani Drums to capture the Bottom Base. Military Pre Battle Scene Dramatic Suspense Thriller, Dangerous Adventures, Documentaries, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Jaws

Description: Dramatic suspense horror track with calm creepy stalking implications. Subtle and repeating light electric piano theme accompanied by seductive stringS that lurks into the mind of the listener while background impact and eerie vocals heightens tensions. Dramatic, Horror, Dangerous Film TV Cop Drama

Description: Military Dramatic track for various applications and historical periods and eras. Relaxed and easy this medium slow tempo has a Bold and Brave characteristic with nice French Horn, Strings, Timpani and repetitive synth lines. Moderate Action, Dramatic, Film and Television and Sports, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Patriotic

Description: Mid tempo spacious track with driving repeating Bass and Drum lines, combined with minimal Synth, French Horn and Strings this track will work well with various style productions, Dramatic, Dangerous, Video Games, Military projects and more. Great track for Final Credits.

Description: Motivational and inspirational theme music with an energetic surge and emotional content for the champion in all of us. The opening string and timpani passage leads into a driving melody with flute cello and flugelhorn, Great dramatic, sports, adventure, dangerous music that takes you to the edge. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Energizing Music

Description: Quiet mysterious track with a distant melody played over guitar line and spinning bells and shaker. Dramatic Suspence Corporate Commercial overtones. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Electronic Ambient Music

Description: Commercial Dramatic orchestration of beautiful instrumental textures featuring String Flute Oboe Harp Acoustic Bass and Timpani. From a soft reflecting spirit of hope that transitions to uplifting motivational encouragement of human spirit. Disney style music for Corporate, Film and Television, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Happy Music

Description: Happy positive track for spring and summer commercial ad campaigns. Bright determind electric piano, solid bass and light but driving snare give this little tune modern pop flavor for your companies product branding. Spring and Summer clothing, Technology, Comedy and Childrens music. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Happy Music

Description: Commercial Advertising upbeat feel good music, Keyboards, Syn, Bass and Drum combo combine to create a new age pop based track. Automotive sales, Retail, Motivational Informercials, Cable, TelevisIon & Film Instrumental. Youth Teen Tween and Kids music for Saturday Programming. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Pop Electronic Music