Description: It's all about sanctity, meditation, mindfulness and contemplation. A wedding or any beautiful occasion will do. Piano, organ and synth.

Description: For the rowdy biker club, the crazy house remodeling project or the hot rod overhaul. Get the job done!

Description: He's may be little, but he'll mess you up! It's all about competition in the digital age. Ready. Set. Fight! Synths and digital drums galore!

Description: Meditation on all things good and sacred. Great for practicing, training or maybe a wedding scene. Om! beautiful strings and harp.

Description: She opens the letter from her sweetheart. Upon reading the handwritten words, she can't hide her smile. Piano, light guitar, synth pads and a few extras to set the mood.

Description: The sound of a patient being rushed through the emergency room doors. Doctors and nurses whizzing around the corner. Medical drama! Prominent piano and hard drums for the build-up.

Description: Smooth and chill with electric piano, electric guitar and synth pads. Sightseeing at your favorite destination or simply a lazy afternoon.

Description: A tale of love. Sweet flute and piano solo. Horns to round things out. Light percussion.

Description: Urban love and the good and bad that goes with it. Prominent piano and flute over a beat with attitude.

Description: Dinner and then a little dancing. The dance floor is as hot as the chili soup! Prominent percussion and piano. Some guitar and horns to sweeten things up.