Description: Fly High is a Britpop influenced music, aerial, whose musical progression incentive to break, gives a sense of accomplishment and success. A slight touch of electro joins a rock sound influenced by U2 and Coldplay, in an ideal music for corporate video, advertising, corporate presentations etc...

Description: Marimba based instrumental music. Inspired by Thomas Newmans soundtrack for American Beauty. Quirky, positive, fun and light music. Ideal for television commercials, infomercial use and other media applications. Identity, Branding, Advertising, Percussion, Tonal.

Description: A positive Ukulele song, friendly, cheerful, a bit childish for advertisements, videos or corporate presentations or creation linked to childhood (cartoon, drawing animated, video games). The Ukulele, Piano, Glockenspiel and acoustic instruments are featured in this music that wishes you a happy and good day!

Description: A funny short track which is perfect for commercials or TV shows as a jingle or opener. It mediates happiness and happy-go-lucky.

Description: Uplifting and positive pop/rock track. Driving electric guitars, muted and delayed. Perfect for presentations, advertising, Travel & sports.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass and percussion. Very positive track, ideal for advertising of sweets.

Description: Deliberate, punchy arrangement of bass guitar, drums, piano, organ and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.

Description: Bright and breezy, featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin and a cheerful bell melody that creates a joyful and celebratory mood.

Description: Short Loop with funky elements

Description: This is short funky Loop with turntable elements.