Description: Upbeat, lively French Jazz style track. Very catchy, friendly and happy tune that makes you want to tap along with your feet. Features acoustic guitars, walking double bass, brush drum kit and whistling. Perfect for light hearted radio and television commercials that want to raise a smile. 60sec and 30sec versions with or without whistling

Description: Proud, uplifting and inspirational. Big dramatic theme for those good Samaritans and local heroes in life who just get the job done and make your chest swell with pride and humility. Features full orchestra, building from quiet beginnings, swelling to a big epic crescendo double at the end. 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Sexy, raunchy and grungy, but cool, laid-back and sophistication with a sensual vibe. A whole lot of luxury served up in a satin wrap. Perfect for advertising gifts and products depicting a more opulent lifestyle, or high-class shopping documentary or drama. Available as full mixes and underscores 60s and 30s

Description: Intimate, heartwarming and caring underscore piece featuring the piano. Feeling anxious and concerned for loved ones, decisions have to be made with the best intentions. Full of warmth and pace. Perfect for radio and TV commercials for elderley care, family law, health concerns and welfare service. 60sec and 30sec

Description: 'Modern Urban Drama' creates a very distinctive, contemporary atmosphere.

Description: Super-Cool smooth lounge jazz. Late night, smokey bar-room, very laid-back and easy going four-piece jazz combo featuring electric piano, grand piano, double bass & brushed drum kit. Perfect for radio and television commercials requiring a cool sophisticated feel. Various mixes 60's and 30's

Description: Easy going, happy-go-lucky, stroll out in the sunshine on a little adventure. Ever moving forward at a steady pace. Features lead flute with organ, keyboards, synthesizer and light percussion. Great underscore for Children's TV, cartoons, light comedy, radio and television commercials. Main, 60sec, 30sec, sting

Description: Wave your hands in the air! Bright, upbeat and lively dance pop promo which begins and ends with a 5-note branding logo. The logo is then carried throughout backed by a strong 4 to the bar beat. Great for pop-format station promos, radio and TV commercials. Great summer feel-good. Also without logo 60sec and 30sec

Description: Uplifting and happy, bright pop commercial. Very infectious, foot-tapping and catchy with a branding logo threaded throughout. Perfect for wholesome healthy foods, family related and children, or friendly upbeat service radio or television adverts. Ideal for companies with good customer service. 60sec and 30sec main and underscore versions

Description: Music For you serial movie