Description: Catchy, happy-go-lucky, care-free whistle along style track for commercials. Perfect for family, lifestyle, good living, wholesome and healthy products. Features happy whistling, acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, glockenspiel, finger snaps and shaker. 60sec, 30sec with whistle and 30sec without whistle versions.

Description: Big City corporate theme, with a reassuring confidence. Feeling proud of what you have achieved and you're not afraid to show it. Opens with a double bass hook which quickly builds with confident solid piano and string section punctuation. Great for corporate through to commercials. 60 and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Happy-go-lucky, jolly & fun novelty track for dog commercials & cartoons. Features dog fx, piano, xylophone, mute electric guitar, flute, glockenspiel, vocal bass & light percussion. Perfect for commercials for Dog Walking Services, Dog Grooming Parlours, Vets, Pet Stores etc. 30sec with Fx

Description: Beautiful, calm, warm and thoughtful 30sec commercial. This track exudes quality, luxury and charm. Features classical nylon guitar, Acoustic guitar, strings and mark-tree wind chimes. Perfect for high quality products or romantic valentines gifts. 30sec Ad, Commercial or Spot.

Description: Pumping, electro-house meets electro-techno track. Starts light with a more serious feel, then opens up a more positive expansive feel at 07sec to a big finish. Features up-to-date dance synths. Perfect for pop & dance radio station commercials. 30sec commercial

Description: Fun, bright & happy Ska pop, in the style of Madness & Bad Manners. Lends itself to a car theme, so we've added car engine & car horn sound effects. Perfect for Radio & TV commercials - just add a voice-over or vocals. 30sec version with and without sound effects.

Description: Homely, warm, & inviting lifestyle track, composed for 30sec commercial - just add your own vocals and/or voice-over. Light, yet uptempo, positive, uplifting, friendly and inspiring. Features acoustic guitars, shakers, drum kit & strings.30sec full mix and 30sec underscore versions available.

Description: Uplifting, bright and forward pushing, modern 30sec Radio and TV commercial track. Fairly pacey, with a mellow touch and a feeling of going somewhere. Features acoustic guitars, electric piano, electric bass, Glockenspiel, modern percussion and female vocals. Great for uptempo Ads without being hard-sell. Mixes with and without vocal

Description: Hot, passionate & romantic Flamenco style dance played on Spanish Guitars with castanets. Opens with staging strummed chords and into finger picked theme after 2 bars. Perfect for Spanish travel, holiday or vacation 30sec commercials. Full mix and mix without castanets

Description: Opulent sophistication, yet light, bright and perky. A real feel of quality for that 30-second commercial. Rich marcato strings rhythm with building pizzicato strings, harp, glockenspiel and percussion. Great for quality products and services, energizing corporate advertising, upbeat productions.