Description: Electronic music composed with synthesizers and drum machines. Style very near to dance, fits perfectly in TV shows, very good for sports or other action topics.

Description: Funny and bright music for ukulele and percussion with joyful whistling. This piece is ideal as a background for small computer game, corporate or business project. Moreover, this track has a very simple construction and can be easily looped, so will fit well for all purposes! Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: 'Modern Urban Drama' creates a very distinctive, contemporary atmosphere.

Description: Touching piece about love and happiness. Beautiful emotional piano can accompany wedding video, love-story, romantic scene in a movie. Enjoy tender love!

Description: Romantic song leaded by the acoustic piano in the main theme. The style is very near to smooth jazz, and the melody is leaded by saxophones, both tenor and alto. Also has acoustic drums. Good for advertising and romantic short scenes in films and TV Series. Acompained by violin and very low strings section.

Description: Dramatic and sad song. Composed for piano solo, describes dramatic scenes, in where someone is quite depresive or sad. Good for dramatic film or TV series. also advertisement, to communicate emotions. The environment is vintage, so fits perfectly in 40's - 50's times.

Description: Short composition. Smooth jazz and folk styles, leaded by piano, mandolin and saxophone, accompained by strings section. A little bit sad but in the background quite optimistic and descriptive. Mellow and sentimental. Good for open and endings of TV series. Also advertising and Films what requires some romantic, nostalgic and nice moods.

Description: Electronic music made for young ambiences. Very good for films and TV series with situations into a nightclub. Very animated and electronic dance piece. Also for TV shows.

Description: Nice Song for romantic scenes and other that requires a certain grade of emotional elements. Composed for saxophones, electric pianos and acoustic drums. Good for TV series and films. Also for advertising in romantic scenes.

Description: Nice song composed for acoustic instruments. Mellow and soft, played with acoustic guitar, piano and strings., very near to folk style. A mix between drama and comedy. Descriptive and familiar situations, maybe talking about relationships. Good for TV Series or TV programs talking about plants, nature or other relaxing topics.