Description: Powerful and strong electronic dance music. Testing power to the maximum, raunchy and raw confidence, emerging as a true leader. Lighter start, into heavy bass synth driven EDM, with stops and electronic sound design, in two different sections. Perfect for latest car model commercials, technology. 60sec and two 30sec cuts.

Description: Insistent, driving, modern classical orchestra. Showcasing the latest invention to shine head and shoulders above the competition. Upbeat driving staccato strings create the rhythm, whilst piano, cymbals, timps and horn section crank up the power. Great for adverts, drama and live presentations. 60sec, 30sec and sting full and underscore mixes

Description: Folk music, positive, joyful and melodic, with arrangements of ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel and voice. Influences of Radical Face, Iron and Wine, R.E.M, The Decemberist, The Luminers, Mumford and Sons and many others.

Description: Ambitious, big and expansive, corporate pop. Has a really positive, uplifting feel, easy to voice-over and gradually builds. Great for business presentations, company audio visuals, inspirational award ceremonies, ads etc. Features guitars, drum kit plus strings and horn section. Lighter mixes too

Description: Popular, foot-tapping swing. Big Band Swing is back and enjoying a resurgence with artists like Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga and Michael Buble. Specially composed for commercials, this catchy underscore is punctuated with brass, with room for a voice-over. Let it swing with these advert length cuts. 60sec and 30sec

Description: Bright, uplifting dance pop. Perfect for radio and TV commercials, this pop underscore has a strong positive beat with punctuation stabs and modern glitch effects. Starts with a attention grabbing stab, then riser fx, into the main full driving beat. Ends with a riser and logo - various mixes 60sec and 30sec

Description: Popular Hymn tune from 1905. Cwm Rhondda, or Rhondda Valley, is known today as a Welsh anthem. In English the words are O Thou Great Redeemer, but it is much more widely known as Bread of Heaven. This patriotic and heart-felt version features a brass ensemble and a male voice choir (no words). 60sec and 30sec full and brass mixes

Description: Impending dangerous situation. Light tension underscore for those dramatic moments when you know something horrible is about to happen. Open with strings drone with fx and heartbeat, then piano figures plus orchestral fx, to a sting crescendo then resolve chord. Perfect for drama, horror, comedy. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Thoughtful, reflective moment. Slow paced melancholic piano, full of warm fuzzy memories, with a growing glowing feeling of satisfaction and caring. Great for poignant moments, drama, documentary, radio and TV commercials for personal services, family, caring and anything warm and friendly. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Light news, business or hi-tech. Opens with considered steady light arps, in a more serious tone and gradually builds with percussion and sweeping strings to a positive uplifting conclusion. Perfect for Radio & Television commercials for financial services, legal services etc., plus TV documentary. 60sec and 30sec full and light versions