Description: this is a quirky instrumental, acoustic guitars, and percussion.

Description: this is a 30 second spot for commercial use. it's electric guitars, bass, and percussion.

Description: a lighthearted 30 sec. spot. it's acoustic guitars, bass, and drums. a whimsical, fun, easygoing mood.

Description: this track is a 30 second version. it's an instrumental guitar piece that is is smooth and mellow.

Description: acoustic guitars, bass, and a little percussion, that's all this piece needs to express a warm, relaxed feeling.

Description: this 30 sec. instrumental is acoustic guitars playing a very laidback, contemplative piece. sitting by the riverbank watching the river flow.

Description: a quiet instrumental with acoustic guitars and bass and a keyboard pad in back. it's mellow and easygoing.

Description: this is an upbeat guitar rock instrumental. it's quick, fast and positive. a great commercial track.

Description: a heavy, thick guitar and bass riff in a medium groove. it's simple and memorable.

Description: this track is a cool and edgy instrumental. it features double bass guitars and an unusual lead guitar. it sets a mysterious, suspenseful mood.

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