Description: Mournful acoustic guitar picking overlaid by gentle flute melody. Suggests quiet reflection or reminiscing – possibly with a tinge of regret.

Description: Big-budget sounding epic-style soundtrack with massive orchestral surges and militaristic drums.

Description: Wistful, delicate, flute theme with romantic-style orchestral backing hinting at regret and reminiscing.

Description: Driving, duel-distorted electric guitars deliver strident patriotic anthem with pulsing beat. Atmospheric opening gives way to searing guitar histrionics, with strings melody in middle section adding contrast. Suggests a patriotic, fevered scene.

Description: Upbeat, busy trumpet, and energetic drums combine with electric piano to create exciting, stage show or start of a main event piece. Suggests something big is about to happen in a dramatic style.

Description: 1930’s feel hints at crime fiction combining piano and violins to create classy French style feel of suspense.

Description: Flowing acoustic guitar and gentle piano chords create an atmospheric, warm free scene. May Suggest agricultural workers or endeavour in the countryside. Very useful for documentary or travel.

Description: Hard driving sax riffs mixed with classic piano create a happy 1950’s style dance track.

Description: Hawaiian slide guitar and Latin percussion create a realistic tropical vibe atmosphere boasting key elements of style and luxury.

Description: Relaxing atmospheric synthesizers combine with delicate Indian flute to create a luxurious surrounding feel.

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