Description: Acoustic, electric and processed guitars in an evocative, ethereal, moody and beautiful landscape.

Description: Acoustic, electric and processed guitars in an evocative, ethereal, moody and beautiful landscape.

Description: Dark Industrial Dubstep style track, very heavy and machine like with electro synths and sounds, good for gaming, trailers and advertising

Description: Romantic , warm, sparkling. TV / Documetary An adventure through the amazon rain forest. Harsh strugles and tests along your difficult journey with lots of energy and exitement along the way. Sad and gentle , this track is like raindrops on the window . Reflective and pensive. With a melancholic undertone. Dark clouds gather above you the winds are rough as the sky rips open and starts pouring rain. You're sad and hollow, slowly walking down an empty road alone,this is what you hear when its raining in the autumn. Reflective and ambient , this thoughtful composition is a perfect background to a thoughtfull picture. Imagine studying raindrops slowly running down a window. Carries a sense of worry and uncertainty as if time is running out and he is running very fast to where she is but gets there just as the train is leaving the station .

Description: Satie's most famous solo piano composition played on a nylon string guitar. Emotional and reflective interpretation of a work that has a delicate melody. This interpretaion has a dark element to it and is much more dramatic and heavier that the original piano composition. Will suit commercial/advertising music bed and will work with a voiceover for documentary/Serious Reality TV.

Description: Seductive, elegant piece with organ, flowing pads, acoustic guitar and light groove. Great for soft, romantic, late-night background music!

Description: Sentimental ballad with piano, orchestra and drums. Great for emotional, romance scene.

Description: Inspiring full-band piece with strings, guitar, driving beat and synths. Very catchy, motivating piece, building throughout into a big finale. Great for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Description: A calm piece of music perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, massage, salons, relaxing and spiritual sessions, geographic, atmospheric films and videos, landscapes, soundscapes, fantasy, romantic and sensual background, new age, etc.

Description: I lost it in the big gray city. It is sad and lonely. I walk alone in search of her, desperate. And I believe – we will meet again. It’s elegant, gentle, smooth, chill, dreamy, hypnotic, melodic, romantic, sadness, sorrow, swelling, tender, nostalgic, calming and sensitive mood for me. I think this music will be useful for social advertising or lyrical moment in the movie, it is full of sadness and serenity.