Description: This is a romantic and melodious pop chill short background loop music track with guitar solo..It can be used anywhere – as a background relaxing music for websites, movies, weather news, films, TV and radio production, telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family, the sea etc

Description: Beautiful, melodious rock ballad slow background looped music track with tender guitar solo, somnolent drums, live bass and fx. This track can be used anywhere – in games and romantic sentimental movies, documentary scientific films, presentation, telecasts, about nature, space, like music, background for websites etc…

Description: Feel Good Laid Back Peaceful Smooth With Guitar Cutdown

Description: Uplifting Positive Reflective Exciting Cutdown

Description: Fun Bouncy Hi Energy Exciting Happy Alternative Verse

Description: Mild acoustic them with heartfelt emotion. Reflective, introspective, and peaceful.