Description: A beautiful, quirky and haunting tune featuring a light orchestration of piano, strings, bass trombone, celesta, vibes, alto flute, oboe, bass clarinet, French horn and trombone section.

Description: A very steady and even keeled bossa nova that stays the straight and narrow course with determined energy and wisdom. Features electric piano, flute, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A light, fun and childish latin jazz tune featuring piano, acoustic guitar and electric bass.

Description: A joyous and sunny latin jazz tune perfect for an island vacation, featuring piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, marimba and percussion.

Description: A light and comedic march with an unusual instrumentation of accordion, mandolin, tuba, marimba, flute, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: A fast and driving latin jazz tune with a running conversation between the melody and the accompaniment featuring vibes, acoustic guitar, piano, acoustic bass and light percussion.

Description: A very quirky and aloof melody with out-of-the-ordinary harmony played by a warm ensemble of piano, acoustic guitar, flute, vibes, electric bass and percussion.

Description: A jazz waltz with a slighty gospel backbeat with a relaxed feel featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: An energetic and frenetic samba with a slightly askew melody featuring piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar and drums with hot brush work.

Description: A fun and whimsical gypsy jazz tune with bandoneon, acoustic guitar, flute, marimba and acoustic bass.

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