Description: This happy, bouncy song features a nylon-string (classical) guitar, ukulele, handclaps, piano, bass, and a glockenspiel playing the main melody. It works perfectly as ukelele background music, for corporate presentations, in a photo slideshow or in commercials.

Description: This is very positive and fun happy corporate track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instuments – ukelele chords, synth solo, bells, live bass, drums, fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for commercial websites, in flash children games and movies, films, business presentations and projects, podcast, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

Description: This is very motivational and uplifting composition,with guitar echo, elegant and dreamy piano theme. Ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Up tempo action cue with a fast hip hop groove, funky guitars, DJ scratching, orch hits, and Synths.

Description: Happy, joyful, bouncy ukulele song. Suitable for all joyful, happy, cheerful and celebration themes. Perfect as background music in commercial, ad or anything that needs a happy light and positive feeling to it. Enjoy!

Description: kind of quirky , pizzicato strings in fun chasing contrappunto.

Description: Happy and joyful ukulele song with whistling melody. Suitable for all happy, joyful and motivational themes.

Description: “The Perfect Moment” starts with a clean and soft piano and at the middle there is a big lifting which ideal for any TV Commercials,ads,games,happy and optimistic movie trailer

Description: Mighty, powerful, driving, orchestral action theme. Lots of hit points, stabs and swells. Big cinematic drums, cymbal crashes & Timps alongside sweeping strings and surging brass. Great for chase, movement, action, superheros, military, commercials. Main mix 60, 60us, ext rhythm mix, 30 & 30 us

Description: A simple easy listening tune to cheer up your projects. Featuring guitars and claps, it’s designed for commercials, presentation and all kind of short projects. Be sure to also check the shorter versions!

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